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Picture Perfect

Kat gets hired as the Philadelphia Flyers' photographer and it's a dream come true. She feels like she has it all: a great boyfriend, an apartment with her best friend Julie in Philadelphia, and her dream job. However, when she meets Claude Giroux on her first day, her attraction to him is undeniable and her world is flipped upside down. Between trying to liven up her dull romance with Kyle and ignoring her attraction for Claude and keeping up with the rest of the team taking photos, Kat struggles to keep her life organized.

​Claude Giroux is loving his role as captain for the Philadelphia Flyers but his life off the ice is lack luster. He knows he can't keep doing one night stands and short relationships for much longer, but it's the only thing he can manage during the demanding season. When Claude meets Kat, he develops a quick liking to her, but when he finds out she's working for the organization he tries to bury his feelings for her, knowing it's dangerous for them to get involved.​​​​​

I do not own anything related to the Philadelphia Flyer or the Flyers themselves- just the story and characters!