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You Took My Heart by Surprise

She regretted it from the moment the words left her mouth.

After another bout of relationship nerves, Emilie Smith said something she regretted, something she knew she couldn't take back.

She told her boyfriend of a year that she didn't think she wanted to marry him.

She had thought she could handle it, that she could grow into being with Sergio, but with nerves still evident after year, she takes the decision to end things, wanting to take the easy route out.

Fast forwards 6 weeks, and Emilie finds herself at the door of her ex-boyfriend with news that will see the former couple thrown back together.

Will she and Sergio ever be able to make it work between them or is it too late for them?

A/n: Obviously, I don't own Sergio Ramos or anything or anyone you may recognise, but the plot and OCs are mine.