Status: Completed Feb 19 2018

Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

A plan makes things simple right? Make the plan and follow through with it. That’s what Cristiano Ronaldo thought. He had a plan. A plan that was supposed to be followed from beginning to end and kept secret. But just as with life, Cristiano’s plan was anything but simple.

Molly gave him the baby that it had wanted and then left like he had wanted but he brought her back to mind his baby. To mind the baby she had tried months to believe would never belong to her. But then she spent every day with him. Watched as he grew bigger and became a greater part of Junior’s and Cristiano’s life, all while hiding their secret.

But secrets don’t always stay secret.

Do they?

When a traumatic event leads to Molly breaking their secret, things for Cristiano are going to get anything but simple. Will Cristiano stop Molly from seeing her son? Will Molly fight to be part of her son’s life? Will their friends turn against them for keeping secrets?

Will Cristiano learn that sometimes it’s best not to follow through with a plan?

That sometimes it could lead a crazy little thing called family.
  1. Chapter 1- How Didn't We See It?
  2. Chapter 2- The Only One I Want Is
  3. Chapter 3- We Are Not Going To Lose Him
  4. Chapter 4- Both Here
  5. Chapter 5- Not So Perfect Boyfriend
  6. Chapter 6- It Should Be You Instead
  7. Chapter 7- If I Have To I Will
  8. Chapter 8- Tell Me He'll Be Ok
  9. Chapter 9- I Don't Want To Leave You
  10. Chapter 10- This Is The Hardest Thing
  11. Chapter 11- Needed You
  12. Chapter 12- Wants To Be Far Away From Me
  13. Chapter 13- She Hates Me Cos I Keep F*****ing Up
  14. Chapter 14- You Think That Will Ever Be Us?
  15. Chapter 15- I'd Change Alot If I Could
  16. Chapter 16- Mama Is Here
  17. Chapter 17- Say It
  18. Chapter 18- I'm Not Going To Change My Mind
  19. Chapter 19- I'm A Horrible Person
  20. Chapter 20-Confession Time
  21. Chapter 21-I'll Never Forgive Myself
  22. Chapter 22- Can I Fix It?
  23. Chapter 23- I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
  24. Chapter 24- If Only It Was So Simple
  25. Chapter 25- Because Nothing Every Goes Right For Me
  26. Chapter 26- I Didn't Give Him Up
  27. Chapter 27-Most Important
  28. Chapter 28- Do You Think We Made A Mistake?
  29. Chapter 29- I Don't Care About Anything Else
  30. Chapter 30- Let's Get You Two Back Home
  31. Chapter 31-Home Sweet Home
  32. Chapter 32- Sleep Well?
  33. Chapter 33- Goes For You Too
  34. Chapter 34- What Awaits?
  35. Chapter 35-From Catching To Explaining
  36. Chapter 36-Not A Big Deal?
  37. Chapter 37-You Haven't Seen Trouble
  38. Chapter 38- When Plans Are Changed
  39. Chapter 39- Big Mouth Russians
  40. Chapter 40- You Mean A Lot To A Lot Of People
  41. Chapter 41- He Knows I'll Always Catch You
  42. Chapter 42- Can Still Make Her Blush
  43. Chapter 43- Just Stay Safe
  44. Chapter 44- All I Want For Christmas Is......
  45. Chapter 45- You're Here Now, That's All That Matters
  46. Chapter 46- From My Family To Yours
  47. Chapter 47-As Long As You're There To Help
  48. Chapter 48-Happy New Year
  49. Chapter 49-Nothing Happened So There's Nothing To Talk About
  50. Chapter 50- Quite A Pickle
  51. Chapter 51-Domestic God or Maybe Not?
  52. Chapter 52-Why Are You Even With Her?
  53. Chapter 53-Maybe It's The Company
  54. Chapter 54-Are You Or Aren't You?
  55. Chapter 55-Who You Going To Call?
  56. Chapter 56- But Surely I'm Smarter For Having You Around
  57. Chapter 57-Going Nowhere
  58. Chapter 58-I Don't Want To Be That Guy
  59. Chapter 59- Some Useful Time To Think
  60. Chapter 60- By My Side As Always
  61. Chapter 61- Always Got Your Back
  62. Chapter 62- Less Complicated Soon?
  63. Chapter 63-Cold Front From The East
  64. Chapter 64- Not Far Off
  65. Chapter 65- Time For The East To Fall?
  66. Chapter 66- Bring It On
  67. Chapter 67- Don't Know What To Believe
  68. Chapter 68- Taking Out The Trash
  69. Chapter 69-To Being Single And Happy
  70. Chapter 70-Neither Are You Clearly
  71. Chapter 71-Got Your Back
  72. Chapter 72- Maybe I've Already Won
  73. Chapter 73-Sometime You Should Have What You Want
  74. Chapter 74- Sweet Dreams
  75. Chapter 75- Anything That Involves You
  76. Chapter 76- It Felt Right
  77. Chapter 77- Why Is He Hiding Something?
  78. Chapter 78-You Lied To Me
  79. Chapter 79- Need Some Space
  80. Chapter 80- To Take A Chance Or Not To Take A Chance?
  81. Chapter 81- Has She Actually Said That?
  82. Chapter 82- I Have A Feeling
  83. Chapter 83-I'll Make You Trust Me Again
  84. Chapter 84- Guess Some Wishes Do Come True
  85. Chapter 85- Taking A Step Forward
  86. Chapter 86- Just Friends Really?
  87. Chapter 87- Words Can Hurt More Than You Think
  88. Chapter 88- A Date With Surprises
  89. Chapter 89-So Molly What Do You Want?
  90. Chapter 90- Don't Lose The Best Thing That's Happened To You
  91. Chapter 91- Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want
  92. Chapter 92- Falling
  93. Chapter 93- Stay With Me