If You Love Me

For Gerard and Nora, it was always a case of ‘almost’.

For years, they’d been in one another lives, being as close as two friends could be and there was always a sense that they were supposed to be something more, but it simply never happened between them.

They’d gotten close, from time to time, they’d almost over stepped the boundary between friends and more than friends, but each time one of them got close to admitting how they felt, the other pulled away, not wanting to change the way things were between them two of them.

They were happy, as friends, they were more than content, and neither wanted to put their friendship at risk, not wanting to lose the other from their life. But when Nora starts to date a new man, Gerard finds himself jealous, something which starts to cause problems between the two of them.

Will Nora or Gerard finally admit that there is something more between the two of them?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Gerard Piqué or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and OCs are mine.
  1. One: We’re Not Talking About This
  2. Two: You Can’t Ask Someone Else?
  3. Three: You Know I Do
  4. Four: This Works For Us
  5. Five: If That’s What You Want
  6. Six: It Might Be Good For You
  7. Seven: They Didn’t Tell You Either?
  8. Eight: I Wouldn’t Call It That
  9. Nine: If You Don’t Try
  10. Ten: What’s The Worst That Could Happen?
  11. Eleven: I Don’t Know What To Say
  12. Twelve: Figure It Out
  13. Thirteen: This Isn’t A First
  14. Fourteen: I Guess It Does
  15. Fifteen: The Two Of Us
  16. Sixteen: It Wasn’t Him
  17. Seventeen: When You’re Ready
  18. Eighteen: Why Are You Laughing?
  19. Nineteen: I Wouldn’t Have Asked
  20. Twenty: I Am Too
  21. Twenty One: You Know How I Feel
  22. Twenty Two: I Like Where It’s Going
  23. Twenty Three: She Could Do Worse
  24. Twenty Four: Are You Coming Or Not?
  25. Twenty Five: Two Reasons
  26. Twenty Six: I Told You So
  27. Twenty Seven: Can’t I Want To Make A Fuss?
  28. Twenty Eight: I’ll Make It Up To You
  29. Twenty Nine: It’s Crossed My Mind
  30. Thirty: Eventually
  31. Thirty One: Let’s Make The Most Of It
  32. Thirty Two: You’ve Never Been Subtle
  33. Thirty Three: If You Let Him
  34. Thirty Four: It’s Still New
  35. Thirty Five: We’ll Get Better At It
  36. Thirty Six: The First Of Many
  37. Thirty Seven: There’s Always Next Year
  38. Thirty Eight: I Am
  39. Thirty Nine: Positive
  40. Forty: It’s A Good One
  41. Forty One: It’s Not What I Need Right Now
  42. Forty Two: You Couldn’t If You Tried
  43. Forty Three: This Is Yours?
  44. Forty Four: She’ll Figure It Out
  45. Forty Five: If You Want My Advice
  46. Forty Six: What Are You Thinking?
  47. Forty Seven: You Could Have Done It Sooner
  48. Forty Eight: It’s Not My Fault If I Do
  49. Forty Nine: Work In Progress
  50. Fifty: That Could Have Waited
  51. Fifty One: Let Me Hear It
  52. Fifty Two: Worth The Wait
  53. Fifty Three: We’ve Got A Baby
  54. Fifty Four: I Never Doubted It
  55. Fifty Five: Don’t Remind Me
  56. Fifty Six: If or When
  57. Fifty Seven: Let’s Not Talk About This Now
  58. Fifty Eight: It’s Too Soon
  59. Fifty Nine: When We Want To
  60. Sixty: Time For You
  61. Sixty One: Take Your Time
  62. Sixty Two: Is That What I Think It Is?
  63. Sixty Three: It’s Not A Surprise If I Tell You
  64. Sixty Four: Do You See Why I’m Nervous?
  65. Sixty Five: It’s Not What You Think
  66. Sixty Six: For A Moment
  67. Sixty Seven: Does That Work For You?
  68. Sixty Eight: I Think I Like It
  69. Sixty Nine: You’re Worrying Over Nothing
  70. Seventy: I Like That Smile
  71. Seventy One: I Was Jealous
  72. Seventy Two: For All I Care
  73. Seventy Three: I Don’t Find That Hard To Believe
  74. Seventy Four: This Is Your Last Chance
  75. Seventy Five: Easier Said Than Done
  76. Seventy Six: A Bet I Clearly Lost
  77. Seventy Seven: You’re Just Catching On?
  78. Seventy Eight: If It Happens, It Happens
  79. Seventy Nine: I’m Just Saying
  80. Eighty: We Have To Get Back
  81. Eighty One: Glad To Be Back
  82. Eighty Two: One Year Old
  83. Eighty Three: That’s A Good Sign
  84. Eighty Four: I’ll Call You
  85. Eighty Five: We Do Have A Reason
  86. Eighty Six: I Had Forgotten
  87. Eighty Seven: You’re All Grown Up
  88. Eighty Eight: Why Wouldn’t I Be?
  89. Eighty Nine: Patience
  90. Ninety: I Love You For It
  91. Ninety One: Try Not To Fuss
  92. Ninety Two: You Took Your Time
  93. Ninety Three: You Say It Enough
  94. Ninety Four: Don’t You Want To Say Hello?
  95. Ninety Five: He Normally Is
  96. Ninety Six: Home
  97. Ninety Seven: You’re Pretty Sweet
  98. Ninety Eight: You Married Me
  99. Ninety Nine: She’s Been Good For You
  100. One Hundred: You Can Make It Up To Me
  101. Epilogue: I Have Done It Before