Status: spoopy scawy halloween

Garden of Souls

"The news shares stories of another dead. Another young girl dead before she'd felt a first kiss, a first love, before she'd even had the time to truly live.All because magic ran through her veins, and she'd been born into a world where her kind were so easily misunderstood.

Her name was Saanvi Bahl. She would join the ever-growing list of names of Witches still executed all over the world by people who saw them as the corrupt mistakes of Gods."

Charlie Graves took her days in stride, hiding behind a scruffy black bob and not letting on about the powers that curled from her fingertips.

Times were changing, Witches were more accepted in the Western world, but she knew the tainted views that humans had. Schools were segregated, undeclared Witches faced deportations to the Forbidden Lands, and any skills a Witch had was quickly dismissed making jobs hard to find.

So Charlie kept quiet. She studied hard, let her secrets remain secrets, and tries to make her way in this damn corrupted world.