The Things That You Do

Alexa wasn’t good with her feelings.

For a long time, she had had feelings for Lionel, but she had always shied away from admitting them, not wanting to make things awkward between her and her friend. But, when she finally worked up the nerve to share her feelings with him, she was greeted by the news that he has someone new in his life, something which hit her hard.

Hurting, she slowly started to pull away from him, not comfortable watching him be happy with someone else, and for a while, it worked, at least until she lost somebody that was important to her, something which allows Lionel to make his way back into her life, determined to be her shoulder to cry on.

Lionel was hurt, when Alexa pulled away from him with little to no explanation, it stung him, but still he wanted to be there for her, wanting nothing more than to make her feel better. But he has questions, ones that only Alexa can answer. Will she explain to him why she pulled away or will she try to pull away from him again?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and OCs are mine.
  1. 00: It’s Better Than Not Knowing
  2. 01: She Could Use A Friend
  3. 02: Why Did You Come?
  4. 03: You Asked Me To
  5. 04: He’s Not My Date
  6. 05: It Wasn’t You
  7. 06: Be Careful
  8. 07: I Guess You Will
  9. 08: You’ve Got A Beautiful Smile
  10. 09: Is It Different Now?
  11. 10: You Did The Right Thing
  12. 11: That’s What Changed
  13. 12: You Can’t Know
  14. 13: You Can’t Have It Both Ways
  15. 14: I’ll Tell You Again
  16. 15: I’m Sorry I’m Not Better At This
  17. 16: I’m Not Saying Never
  18. 17: It Won’t Hurt To Ask
  19. 18: We’re Friends
  20. 19: Are You Sticking Around?
  21. 20: No, We’re Not
  22. 21: You’re Ready To Call It A Night?
  23. 22: We’ll Get Better At This, Won’t We?
  24. 23: What Do You Want Me To Tell Them?
  25. 24: I Don’t Want To Get Ahead Of Myself
  26. 25: Something Like That
  27. 26: Do You Or Don’t You?
  28. 27: It’s The Last Thing I Want To Do
  29. 28: Boyfriend & Girlfriend
  30. 29: Something Just For Us
  31. 30: My Side Of The Bed
  32. 31: It’s About Time
  33. 32: What Makes You Say That?
  34. 33: I Thought You’d Say It First
  35. 34: You’ve Got Nothing To Be Worried About
  36. 35: I Don’t Know If I Believe That
  37. 36: It’s Good To See
  38. 37: Where We Are
  39. 38: Them & Us
  40. 39: He’s Alright
  41. 40: Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?
  42. 41: That Doesn’t Scare You
  43. 42: I’d Be Happy
  44. 43: Is That A Date?
  45. 44: Someone Like Him
  46. 45: I Want Them To Like Me
  47. 46: Someday
  48. 47: We’ll Figure Out The Next Step
  49. 48: He’d Prefer It That Way
  50. 49: I’d Be Over The Moon
  51. 50: I Wouldn’t Miss It
  52. 51: I’m Fussing, Aren’t I?
  53. 52: I’m Probably Going To Smile
  54. 53: We’re Happy As We Are
  55. 54: It Took Me Too Long To Figure It Out
  56. 55: So You Keep Telling Me
  57. 56: Aren’t I Lucky?
  58. 57: He Convinced Me To Show Up