Status: Ongoing

Skirts Vs Jeans

Kellin Quinn just moved into town because of his kinda (really) bitchy mum. On their first day of school, they run into someone. They make some friends, fall in love. Also Kellin is genderfluid. And bullys aren't really nice.

(I can summarise. Just read it.)
  1. Chapter One
    Typical Emo Clothes
  2. Chapter Two
    Tiny Little Mexican Ass
  3. Chapter Three
    I'm A Virgin Then A Killer. What Next, A Prostitute?
  4. Chapter Four
    Sixteen Year Old White Genderfluid Kick Your Mexican Ass'
  5. Chapter Five
    Don't Have Sex With My Child
  6. Chapter Six
    Thank You, Peasant
  7. Chapter Seven
    I Will Take Away Your Glittery Pillow
  8. Chapter Eight
    I'm Going To Be Your Number One Fangirl/Boy
  9. Chapter Nine
    Vixen One And Two Are Stealing From Good Guy Three