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I'm Ready, I Am

maybe it's just too late
(I've gotta get away)

"I'm Sam, by the way."
"I'm Liza."

when everything feels the same
(I've gotta get away)

"You live out here year-round?"
"Oh. Um, yeah."

oh, tell me it's not too late.

"What's that like?"

Title credit: "I'm Ready, I Am" by The Format.
Description quote credit: "Let's Make This Moment A Crime" by The Format.
Copyright (c) 2017 by Sadie (sore thumb;).

  1. the thing about beach towns in the summertime.
    "then again, I never really believed in that romance-novel bullshit."
  2. parallel lines, parallel lives.
    "it was one of the few flashbulb-worthy moments in my life, and I remembered every detail."
  3. just a couple of college kids.
    "I didn't know why we played this game."
  4. july first.
    "in that moment, you became my car accident. swerve. bang. crash."