Unending Trails

You are not the same. So tell me, who is it exactly?

I pause, trying to think back to the first time that I had heard the voice. I question everything that had happened all throughout the day, looking at myself as some sort of evil monstrosity. I am jumbled —frantically thinking and taking in the amount of time that has past.

‘So you mean to tell me...’

Why ask? You already know the answer to it.

I raise my hand to see it, questioning even that of my own body. What has become of me? What would become of me? All along… all throughout the day, I was thinking of it as my own. I stare at the palm of both of my hands, clenching and unclenching them. For whatever hope I had left, I had believed it to make a difference. As if I can see it. I think back to what I had just heard, it was ominous and menacing.

‘What changed? Was there something that I did to make it talk? Am I going insane?’

I am almost more fascinated in myself just finding out now. I try to relax my arms and hands, sitting on my bed, as I looked more confused then I have ever looked in my life. It was at this moment, that I had come to my senses —this moment, that I knew my life was permanently changed. That voice is not of my own —and for once, I am not alone... even in my own thoughts.