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A King and A Girl

A short, lighthearted interlude between Parts 1 and 2 of Bound to the West. It isn't necessary to read to understand Part 2, it's just for fun :)
  1. Chapter 1
    bread is a very important subject
  2. Chapter 2
    More wedding planning for Ganondorf and Rabia, and a sweet moment between Ganondorf and his future mother-in-law
  3. Chapter 3
    The pressure is on for Rabia, and Ganondorf does NOT like Hylian formal wear All Gerudo language courtesy of gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  4. Chapter 4
    Ganondorf is tired of the bickering and makes a choice.
  5. Chapter 5
    Bachelor/Bachelorette party
  6. Chapter 6
    Picking on Link... again
  7. Chapter 7
    A Hylian union. One more chapter to go!
  8. Chapter 8
    A Gerudo wedding and coronation my deepest apologies for the poems I wrote them in like, 3 minutes and they are not good rip All Gerudo language courtesy of @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr! Please see the author's notes for a sneak pea