The year is 2014, the Earth lies in ruins. What is left is ran by a greedy and corrupt man named Victor Heart, the man who is also responsible for the Nuclear war that near enough completely wiped out the planet.

But why did this happen?

In 1960 a man called Darrix Tebatharia came to Earth after helping to save one of it’s astronauts, and hoping to welcome the planet into an intergalactic agency called the United Universal federation.

However the greed of humans soon became apparent, and it became clear that it was in fact the rest of the universe that needed protecting from Earth’s most powerful people.

Still, despite everything the humans put him through, Darrix never gave up on Earth, and he soon became the ambassador to Earth for the rest of the universe.

For decades his identity was kept a secret from most of the world, only the United States government knew of the intergalactic programme. And for that government it was a programme that worked well from the start. After all of all of the planets in existence, Earth was known to be the smallest and most isolated of all the universe’s inhabited planets, and the programme kept it protected and safe from intergalactic conflict whilst also keeping the rest of the universe safe.

In the 90s however, things changed. Greed began to consume humans, and Darrix found himself becoming an experiment once again and this time, the experiments resulted in the births of his twin children.

Having been able to strike a deal with the US government, Darrix was able to take the two children to the embassy to live with him, on one condition, he never leave Earth again unless instructed to for business reasons.

The deal worked. His children were treasured by the US government and all others around them. All was well, until one day, when Darrix took his children out to practice the abilities they had picked up, an abandoned places blogger found his way into the facility, and posted as many videos as he could on the Internet. The reaction was strong, and without warning, a bomb was dropped over Washington DC, and an unimaginable war broke out.

Darrix had been back on his home planet at the time, conducting business on behalf of Earth. Knowing he had to try to save his children Darrix returned to Earth to collect them, but his transport was badly damaged on entry, and he found himself stranded with his kids. Forced into hiding.

Eight years later, Darrix and his children live fifteen stories underground, hoping to one day get off of the radiation soaked planet, so that they can finally go home, and live a peaceful life that the twins have never had the privilege of knowing before. However complications arise when Darrix’s daughter meets and falls for a young man. Pretty soon they find themselves in the fight of their lives, and not everyone will make it off of Earth in one piece.

Sorry everyone I’m really not the best at writing summaries or short descriptions, but yeah. This is an alternative universe, post apocalyptic, intergalactic story of love and the extremes it pushes people to. It’s not a romance although it does feature a romance, but yeah. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just my imagination running away and I needed somewhere to put it :)

Rated R for content of future chapters. Just a warning this story will contain triggers including self harm and suicidal thoughts.

Also just a disclaimer, this story and the characters in it have all come from my imagination.