The year is 2014, the Earth lies in ruins. But how?

In 1960 a man called Darrix came to Earth to set up communications and deals with an agency called the United Universal federation, and became an ambassador to the planet from the rest of the universe.

For decades the man’s identity was kept a secret from most of the world, only the United States government knew of the programme. It was a programme that worked well from the start. After all of all of the planets in existence, Earth was known to be the smallest and most isolated of all the universe’s inhabited planets, and the programme kept it protected and safe from intergalactic conflict.

In the late 90s, following a perfectly loving and normal relationship with a human woman, Darrix became a father, only the mother to his twin children never made it through childbirth, and Darrix found himself having to juggle his intergalactic duties and his fatherly duties. His children were treasured by the US government and all others around them. However as they grew, they began to develop abilities.

All was well, until one day an abandoned places youtuber found his way into the facility the twins called home, and posted as many videos as he could on the Internet. The reaction was strong, and without warning, a bomb was dropped over Washington DC, and an unimaginable war broke out.

Knowing he had to try to save his children Darrix returned to Earth to collect them, but his transport was badly damaged on entry, and he found himself stranded with his kids. Forced into hiding.

6 years later, in 2014, Darrix and his children are about to face their biggest threat ever after an encounter with one of the remaining humans leads to numerous paths, paths of both joy and despair.

Never has one family faced so much turmoil. In the end, the ultimate price must be paid, but who will pay it?

Sorry everyone I’m really not the best at writing summaries or short descriptions, but yeah. This is an alternative universe, post apocalyptic, intergalactic story of love and the extremes it pushes people to. It’s not a romance although it does feature a romance, but yeah. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just my imagination running away and I needed somewhere to put it :)

Rated R for content of future chapters. Just a warning this story will contain triggers including self harm and suicidal thoughts.

Also just a disclaimer, this story and the characters in it have all come from my imagination.