Status: This story is complete as of 7/8/2019. If I choose to make a sequel to it, this status will change to reflect that.

Light My Way

Storms are part of life. There are ups, downs, twists and turns. Hunter has seen this first hand. She has lost alot in her young life, and all she wants is a little bit of a break. Just a speck of hope in all of the madness. Is that so much to ask?

Brian doesn't think so, and sets out to give her just that.


Author's Notes:

*This is set in Avenged's high school days
*As such, Jimmy is alive
*This may end up a standalone, or a prequel to a longer story, and if it continues on, the status of Jimmy in that story will be determined when it is written
*Hunter is my original character, obviously I don't own anyone else in the story

Rating Info:

This story is rated PG for slight language.