Burn Us Down

Olivia had been over the moon when Gerard had proposed.

After nearly four years together, the proposal had been a long time coming, and when Gerard finally made it happen, Olivia couldn’t have been happier. Plans came quickly, dates and venues were chosen almost instantly, and with only a handful of months separating them from the big day, Olivia couldn’t help but count down the days.

One email and a handful of pictures, however, are more than enough to throw a spanner in the works.

With their relationship faltering and friends and family surrounding them who are more than happy to offer advice to the two of them, Olivia and Gerard find themselves faced with a decision to make. They can end things, throw away four good years, or they can try and figure things out and patch them up before their wedding date arrives. Is what they have between them worth the fight or is it too late to pull it back from the brink of falling apart?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Gerard Piqué or anyone or anything you may recognise, but the plot and OCs are mine