Until The Sunshine Fades

It was only supposed to buy her some time.

After being asked one too many times about her love life, Isabella had told a lie. She had made up a boyfriend, and for a while, it does the trick, but when she receives an invitation to an important family event, she knows that the vague figure of a boyfriend she’s created isn't going to be enough. People are going to want to meet him, and short of admitting that she made him up, Isabella knows that she’s going to have to give them someone, and so she does.

Gerard fits the description, and when Isabella explains how she has backed herself into a corner, he’s more than happy to help, but when their performance as a couple is slightly too convincing, the two of them find themselves faced with something they had been blissfully ignorant to before, leaving them wondering if their friendship can survive Isabella’s little lie.

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Gerard Piqué or anyone or anything you may recognise, but the plot and OCs are mine