First Love, Only Love

First Love, Only Love
A Story by Lea Sheryn
A story about a falling in love during a first meeting.

First Love, Only Love
By Lea Sheryn

Flicking off his mirrored aviator sunglasses, he stood, tall and handsome, in the doorway of the small dress shop where I worked. Surveying the scene as though on a surveillance mission, Roderick was every bit an Army Officer. Without hesitation, he approached the counter where I stood and introduced himself. Although this wasn’t our first encounter, it was the first time we had come face to face. Over the numerous occasions we had spoken via email, it did feel as though we had known each other for a very long time.

Calm and comfortable in his presence, it was easy to fall into step with Rod and to slide into the front seat of his rented car as he politely held the door open. Chatting amiably as he commanded the steering wheel, it wasn’t long before we reached the popular restaurant where we planned to share the evening. By the time the meal was served, we were already fast friends and on the fast track to something more.

Finding it difficult to part of the evening, once the long anticipated date had come to a close, we lingered beneath the parking lot light at the dress shop where I had left my car. Oh how I longed for my charming officer to suddenly take me in his arms and keep me always in a warm and inviting embrace. To stay with him forever and ever was such a strong desire. It filled me to the very top as we stood there, alone, in that vast parking lot with the lights and the stars twinkling overhead.

Too soon, it was over and he was gone. There was a feeling of joy in that first meeting with a man who held such promise for the future but one that was also filled with a dread of never seeing him again. Had he a desire to return for another encounter or was this just a casual fling to pass the time while he awaited his next assignment? How I hoped Rod would decide to return and return again until we could finally be together forever. During that wonderful, wonderful first evening, I had truly fallen in love for the first and the only time.
  1. First Love, Only Love
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