Plausible Deniability

Aila Greene enjoys her life. She has to work two jobs and share a house with four others in order to afford continued existence, but it’s not a bad life. Even when her world gets turned upside down, she is thankful for what she has — amazing friends and an opportunity to start anew.

A lost wallet and a chance meeting throws everything Aila knows into free-fall. She has to decide how much change she’s willing to handle. She must choose between letting it go and going about her life, or solving the mystery that is Niall Horan. The question is: Will she like what she finds out?

Note: this story will contain mature themes:
♢ medical procedures performed by uncertified people
♢ sexual activities
♢ abduction/being held captive
♢ behaviour that could seem controlling but, within the context, makes sense.