Status: Will be updated once to twice a week, until I catch up to what I have written.

The Quest

Wilkolaks are the first breed of werewolves, making them the most powerful of all the clans. With this status they are tasked with guarding the Last Prophecy and helping those weaker than themselves.

Nearly ten years ago a witch and his daughter sought shelter from a terrible fate, brought on by lust for power. They stumbled upon a kindly Wilkolak family. The father begged for them to take his daughter, protecting her at all cost. The family agreed, and the father left, leaving behind a book of spells, a small golden orb, and his daughter.

Come to present day, the young girl is traveling with the oldest Wilkolak son. Enjoying their freedom, before they began their studies for their adult lives. One summer adventure couldn't turn bad...could it?

**Yes I know the first chapter starts weird, I haven't decided how to fix it yet, please bear with me**
**Updates will be once to twice a week until caught up to what I have written**