Dark And Light

This story is about twins who are so alike to look at, but unalike totally in personalities. They dislike each other totally but both are fed up with their lives. They meet up and reminisce about when they were tiny and would swap roles. They both have the same idea...
  1. Happy 21st
    Its the twins 21st birthday but they don't spend it together as they hate each other
  2. Happy Birthday
    Its the twins 21st birthday but as usual they celebrate in different ways
  3. Meeting up again
    The twins meet up again and come to a decision
  4. Changed Lives
    They're doing it... they've swapped but do they really want to be in each other's worlds
  5. Hands Off
    Maddy ignores her sister's texts. Is she doing the right thing?
  6. The Morning After The Night Before
    What did Maddy decide to do? What has Mia been up to all night?
  7. Making The Most Of It
    Mia spends the evening with Jed and Maddy spends some time with Mike
  8. I Want Mike To Be Mine
    Mia worries that she is saying too much and Maddy doesn't want to give something up easily
  9. Realization
    Realization hits in for both Mia and Maddy, wondering what the outcome will be of their game.
  10. A Reluctant Meeting
    The twins meet to discuss what to do next
  11. Maddy's Week
    What happens as Maddy spends her last week as Mia?
  12. Mia's Week
    What happens when Mia spends her last week as Maddy?
  13. Game Over
    What do the twins decide to do now?