Sequel: Faithfully Yours

Lots of Love, Mike

This story is about Mike from California and Stella from England who start writing to each other when they are 10 years old. The story shows their letters to each other and how they grow together. Mike also shares his thoughts with Billie and Stella shares hers with her best friend Jessie. Its about the four of them growing up. its the story of Green Day intertwined with the lives of Stella and Jessie and the hope that they'll all get to meet up one day. Tre is in it too in more ways than one.
  1. Michael Ryan Pritchard, shit!
    The first letter from Mike to Stella. Do they have anything in common?
  2. A typical californian?
    They swap photographs and discuss their family life in letters. Billie is in this chapter
  3. Billie sends his photograph
    Stella's dad has gone and Mike's mom moves away will they still write?
  4. Happy Christmas
    Billie and Mike discussing who are the best kissers and when they are older they want to kiss themselves round the world. Its christmas and Stella receives a bracelet from Mike
  5. Mike starts playing bass
    Stella goes out with some boys but thinks they are childish. Mike starts playing the bass and loves it
  6. Caught reading in Class
    Stella gets a detention from reading Mike's letter in class. Stella gets her first kiss. Stella's mum has met someone and stella hates him. Billie feels the same about his mom.
  7. Officially a woman
    Stella is happier in this chapter and Mike thinks playing at the concert was awesome
  8. Sweet Children
    The guys give the band a name, Stella meets a new crowd of friends - are they true friends. Jessie falls in love too easily
  9. Gatecrashing the Gilman
    The guys enter the gilman but should they be there. Has Stella stopped writing to mike? Has she other interests?
  10. Billie and a Date
    Billie asks someone out - but who? Did Stella ever write back?
  11. Stella Rebels
    What is happening to Stella, why is she acting weird and Billie likes Jess and Jess likes him. Someone is planning a trip to California
  12. Jealous Mike
    While is Mike Jealous when he has Julie? Is Stella getting herself into something she can't handle?
  13. The phone call
    Stella has Mike's phone number. Will she call him on his birthday?
  14. Sweet Children Tape
    Stella gets to hear Sweet Children for the first time and someone passes away.
  15. Lucky Jess
    Jess arrives in California.
  16. "It was wonderful"
    This is about Jessie's time in california with the guys. When she has returned Mike receives a shock.
  17. Sad Jess
    Jess is sad and misses billie. Does Billie miss her - the guys get a surprise at the Gilman.
  18. Jessie's Song
    Jess has a song written but doesnt show anyone. There is another phone call
  19. A date is set
    The girls decide when they are going out to california. They are so excited.
  20. Arriving in California
    The guys meet up. How do Mike and Stella really feel about each other?
  21. The arrival of Tre
    Tre enters the story in this chapter and he is larger than life as usual
  22. Tre
    Mike has the party and Tre arrives. He likes Stella but how does she feel about him? Who is the other girl with eyes for Mike?
  23. The outing
    Billie arranges for all the guys to go somewhere special. Stella has a visitor.
  24. Going Home
    What happens to Stella and Jessie before they head for home
  25. Beautiful butterfly
    What gift is it that Tre gives to Stella. Jess can't wait to get back to her Billie.
  26. the 'B' & the 'J'
    Its sadness all round in this chapter
  27. 1,000 hours
    Their record comes out. Is Jessie's song on it?
  28. Back to California
    What happens when Stella pays Mike a surprise visit?
  29. Married!
    Who is Stella going to marry?
  30. Lots of Love, Tre
    Why has Tre had to write to Stella?
  31. The guys in London
    What happens when the guys meet Stella in London?
  32. California again...
    What happens when Stella goes back to Cali
  33. A New Arrival
    Who is this new arrival?
  34. Leaving Once Again
    Stella has to go home but when will she see her friends again?
  35. A First Birthday
    But Stella is sad...everyone seems to be getting on with their lives
  36. Dookie
    Stella receives a copy of their long awaited album, Dookie
  37. Meeting The Guys Once More
    Everyone meets up in England but is Stella really happy?
  38. September 2004
    Going forward, Stella has a secret that she has kept from her Green Day friends. What on earth is it?
  39. Stella to the Rescue
    Someone is in need of comforting
  40. Stella confesses her love for someone
    Stella is back in California and she has a heart to heart with Billie
  41. Tell Him Then
    Michelle tells Stella straight, tell him that you love him
  42. Would They Really Want Her?
    Back to the Future, Stella gets letters from the guys but is suddenly apprehensive, she is still keeping a secret from them
  43. Nobody Believes That We Know Green Day
    Ryan is upset that no one believes he knows Green Day and Stella makes an important decision
  44. Mixed Feelings
    Mike is in a strange mood for some reason
  45. On Their Way
    Stella and Ryan head off to meet the guys again but Stella has mixed emotions
  46. Back Together
    Stella and Ryan meet up with the band again.
  47. Stella's letter
  48. Sunday 19th June 2005
    Its Milton Keynes and Stella, Ryan and Jessica attend the show and afterwards...
  49. I Love You
    Stella finally tells someone she loves them. Is it the same person as the father of her daughter? Who is the father of her daughter?