‹ Prequel: Real or Fake
Status: 99.9% sure that there's not going to be anymore. I deeply apologize.

Rocking, Rolling and Loving

The Last Dream is Jenna's band made up of her friends, Alicia, Corinna, Athena and Kelsey.
They have a new life and experience new things. along with the guys of My Chemical Romance, their significant others and the kids. You readers should read Real or Fake, first, if you really want to enjoy this.

Update: The main couples are Frank and Jenna & Bob and Bobbi.

Characters Notice: I know it's weird that I just have the kids up but the reason I won't add Jenna, any of her bandmates or Bobbi to the characters list is because they exist in real life, but you all pretty much knew that.
  1. Chapter 1
    The beginning. It's 17 days into The Final Dream's first tour.
  2. Chapter 2
    Flashbacks and time apart.
  3. Chapter 3
    The last day of the tour.
  4. Chapter 4
    A flashback hits Jenna as she steps into the studio.
  5. Chapter 5
    They begin recording.
  6. Chapter 6
    New song, a visitor and a girls night in.-Please read author's note.
  7. Chapter 7
    Dresses, tuxes and celebrations!
  8. Chapter 8
    Wedding time!
  9. Chapter 9
    Bobbi's PoV
  10. Chapter 10
    The girls make a video for their debut single.
  11. Chapter 11
    The Last Dream finish their album and see their video premiere on MTV.
  12. Chapter 12.
  13. Chapter 13
    The Last Dream get great news during a meeting, listen to their album and other randomness.
  14. Chapter 14
    The Last Dream go to FNMTV and MuchMusic.
  15. Chapter 15
    Coming home, first words, thoughts and feedback.
  16. Chapter 16
  17. Chapter 17
    The Last Dream's cd comes out.