Sequel: Angel

The Blank Book

One day before band practice, the members of Green Day stumble upon a blank book. When they all are near the book, they get transported to a kingdom called Surtomb which they are supposed to save. They are each given powers to help them out and the rest is up to them. They must journey to the evil Lord Veldenbarr's castle where he and his vampire followers reside and defeat Veldenbarr.
  1. Finding the Book
    Billie Joe finds a mysterious blank book.
  2. Chosen to Save Surtomb
    The members of Green Day are told that they are chosen to save the Kingdom of Surtomb and are given powers to help them out.
  3. Finding a Village
    Mike tries out his powers, Tre annoys Billie further, and they get sent back home.
  4. Back Home
    They are back in their world and Billie gets a little bit of revenge on Tre...
  5. Candy Mountain
    Tre suggests that they go to Candy Mountain and Adrienne comes home to find a mess.
  6. Going Back to Surtomb
    One week later they go back to Surtomb.
  7. Planning a Show
    They arrive at a village called Maenurr and after seeing how depressed the villagers are, decide to put on a show for them.
  8. Putting on the Show
    Green Day put on the show and they find a place to stay at for the night.
  9. The Brown Horse
    They get something to eat and decide how to start off their next little show for the people in the in so they can earn their stay.
  10. Lord Veldenabarr
    They find out what is making the villagers so miserable: Lord Veldenbarr.
  11. Drinking
    Billie and Tre get slammed and Mike wakes up to a surprise...
  12. Annoyance
    Mike wakes up and isn't in the best mood ever and Tre continues annoying Billie.
  13. Tre Sings
    Tre sings two songs in an attempt to cheer up Mike.
  14. Fire
    Tre annoys Billie some more and Billie throws a fireball.
  15. Lord Veldenbarr's New Servant
    Mike wakes up in the middle of the night and ends up going back to Surtomb to Veldenbarr's castle.
  16. Following Orders
    Mike does as Veldenbarr instructed.
  17. The First Dream
    After returning home, Mike has a dream.
  18. The Second Dream
    Mike has a dream yet again.
  19. Organizing Thoughts
    Mike organizes his thoughts and tells Billie that there's nothing wrong with him.
  20. Magic
    Mike finds out he has magic and has another dream.
  21. The Book Glows Again
    The book glows again and Mike calls Billie and Tre.
  22. Freddy Bobby Joey Johnny Schmidt XXX
    Tre names his potato friend and ends up eating him. He also sings another song.
  23. Dinner and a Show
    They stop to eat and Tre sings another song. They go into the woods to avoid being seen.
  24. Camp
    They set up camp and Mike has yet another dream.
  25. Deja Vu
    Mike goes out to get some blood and Billie and Tre notice his absence.
  26. Out to Eat
    They return home and go out to eat.
  27. Tre and Wal-Mart
    Tre drags Billie to Wal-Mart before they return to Surtomb.
  28. "This is It"
    Green Day return to Surtomb for possibly their last time and they take a step towards Veldenbarr.
  29. Lord Mike
    The members of Green Day put up a fight against the vampires. Mike kills Lord Veldenbarr and takes his crown.
  30. Surprise
    Mike starts his plot to take over the world but gets a surprise.
  31. Happy Endings
    We see Mike's point of view of what happened before he died and we see the conclusion of the story.