Calming Glitter Jar

One thing that I love to do is arts and crafts. Not too long ago I came across “glitter jars” on tumblr. It was just a simple picture and I fell in love. They have so many benefits, such as calming you down. They are simple and inexpensive to make.


  1. Glitter (Would be best to have two or more different textures of glitter.)
  2. Glitter Glue
  3. Mason jar (Any jar is fine, any shape, or size.)
  4. A utensil used for stirring.
  5. Optional: Food coloring
  6. Optional: Sequins
  7. Optional: Towel/Something you can throw away. This is to keep from making a huge mess.


Before opening the jar or doing anything prepare your working station. Getting glitter every where is a pain, it can be so hard cleaning up. So, get a towel, box, or whatever you have and set it down. Now, make sure that the jar is clean on the inside and outside. You don't want it to be cloudy or have some annoying stain that you notice every time you shake it.

Put two tablespoon drops of glitter glue into the jar. Add about one cup of hot water and half a cup of glitter. Take your utensil and begin stirring, this is to break up the glitter glue and to get everything evened out.

Let the solution settle and you can begin to add more glitter to your liking. I personally love glitter, so I added approximately an inch thick layer of fine glitter. Now, fill the jar up with water but don't fill it up all the way. Leave some room for when you are shaking the jar.

To make the jar even prettier, you can add a few drops of food color. You decide the color. Look online to see how to get the shade of color you want. Doing this will give the water some color and it will no longer look dirty and murky.

Next, add some chunky glitter and some sequins if you have any. This gives the jar a more textured look and when shaking it the light will catch all these tiny differences.

Optional: Tie a ribbon around the center of the jar. This will be something fun to look at even when it is sitting still.

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