The Look for Less: Selena Gomez

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Selena Gomez or her career, but I do think that she does a really great job of putting together outfits that are stylish in a timeless way while still incorporating recent trends. I came across this outfit in a magazine, and in the magazine, they recreated the ensemble using clothes from Forever 21. When I looked online to buy the clothes, they were no longer available, but this was one of those outfits that I just had to have for myself. I think it’s great for girls’ night out or those nights when you want to look nice but still want to be comfy.

I’m not one to copy a celebrity’s exact outfit, but I did manage to recreate this look in my own personal style using things already in my closet and a couple new pieces that I bought on the cheap. Here’s a guide to achieving this look on a tight budget.

The Key Pieces

In my opinion, what really makes this look are two key pieces: a lightweight, gauzy top and a pair of cute sequin shorts.

For the top, I went with a more fitted yet still gauzy white button-down shirt that I found recently at Walmart for only fourteen dollars, but I could see a variety of different options that would still achieve the same look. I layered a white tank top that I already had underneath it, but I really think it would look better layered with a lacey camisole. The tank top I own is by Mossimo from Target. Another top that would look great with this outfit would be this loose-fitted, off-the-shoulder tee from Alloy.

For the shorts, I found a great pair of black sequin shorts at T.J. Maxx for only fifteen dollars. I also stumbled across this awesome pair of sequin shorts from Delia’s that I’m actually pretty jealous of, only because they look so much more comfortable than the sequin shorts I have.


To accessorize this outfit, I mainly worked with items that I already own, and I feel like the accessories give you the chance to tailor this look more to your own personal style.

I’m not a huge jewelry person, so the only jewelry I’d wear with this outfit are these black chandelier earrings I found in my jewelry box. I could also imagine a great statement necklace working well with this outfit, but really, it’s about using the things you already own in a new way so that you can save cash.

For shoes, the possibilities are endless. Any black shoe would work great with this, and I’d probably wear these black boots that I got as a gift a couple years ago. Honestly, I think Selena’s shoes are too impractical for real life, so shoes are another way that you could make this outfit your own. Ballet flats, pointy flats, a nice pair of pumps, or even a pair of sequined TOMS would look awesome with this outfit, depending on your personal style.

Overall, I think the only two pieces anyone would need to buy to get this look would be a gauzy or loose-fitted white top and a pair of sequin shorts. You can tailor the rest of the ensemble to your own personal style by using shoes and accessories that you already own.

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