How to Change Light Hair Color on GIMP

When you’re creating a banner, it’s hard to find the perfect actor, actress, or model to use to portray your character. Sometimes when you think you have the perfect person to act as your character in your banner, they have the wrong hair color. Luckily, this is pretty easy to fix using a photo editing software like GIMP. In this tutorial, you will learn how.

Choose the picture you are going to use in GIMP and decide what you color you are going to change their hair to.

From Light to Medium

I’m going to use a picture of Taylor Swift for this and change her hair color to a dark brown. Use your burn tool and set it to the highest opacity and a scale of about 3. Use the burn tool and brush it over her hair until you get the color you want. I did mine about 15 times.

From Light to Dark

I’m going to use the same picture of Taylor Swift, but make her hair darker. The last one was brown and I want this one to be black. Again, use the burn tool on her hair about 10 to 20 times. Next, take your paintbrush tool and set the color to black, the opacity to 20 and the scale to about 3. You want to keep your opacity low because you want her hair to keep its texture. Take the paint brush tool to her hair about 20 times or until you get it as dark as you want.

There you have it! This a pretty quick and easy way to change hair color on GIMP.

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