How to Successfully Code a Signature for Mibba

A big hello to those of you browsing the forums, wistfully picking apart the complicated, colourful, crazy signatures of other Mibbians! I'm here today to give you a brief overview of how to make and display your own complicated signature. It's actually way easier than it looks - all you need to do is memorise a few code tags for decorated, coloured and resized text, and have a nice colour scheme in mind.

You'll need to start by finding a website where you can easily copy and paste colours. I use ColorPicker, a very basic site with a gradient in. (You can use the 'analogic', 'complimentary' etc tags at the bottom to generate related colours.) When you've your site at hand, open a new tab and locate My Mibba > Profile > Signature.

I recommend using the Preview key often as you code, so you can check you've not made a mistake somewhere. I'll use it myself to post a few shots for use in aiding you in your quest to code a signature.

The very first thing you need to do is decide the alignment of your signature. Available codes for alignment are [justify], [centre/center], [right] and [left].

Now you should have a few colours in mind. If you want text that fades from green to blue, you would use the code [gradient=#124508,#084145]beautiful, fancy text[/gradient]. Otherwise just use [colour].

You can use [gradient] and [color/colour] to change the colour of the text. If you are using [colour], then you can simply put the name of the colour instead of the hexadecimal (#000000) code, i.e. colour=red or colour=#FF0000. Both will work with the [colour] tag. With a gradient tag, only the hexadecimal will work. You can't use [gradient=red,green], sadly.

Using i, s, b, o, u, sub and sup, you can decorate your text. [i] will produce italic text, [s] will strike a line through it, [b] will bold it, [o] will overline it and [u] will underline it. [sub] and [sup] will turn the text between them into subscript or superscript. (That means that text placed inside [sub][/sub] brackets will fall below the bottom of the text before and after it, and the opposite is true for [sup][/sup].)

Use the simple code [colour=white]________[/colour] to create a white line that breaks the alignment of the text to shift it about. Use as many _ as needed.

If you have a link, and want to include it in your amazing red and orange signature, you're not going to want a ditsy little blue word messing up your code. Simple fix. Seperate the word you'd like to hyperlink from the rest (cut off any current gradients/colours/decorations) and then type [] (with your url in place of the example) in front of the word/s. Then between the url code and the word itself, type the colour or gradient code you want the text to appear as. It's important that you put the colour/gradient before the text and after the url, otherwise it breaks the colour and the link. Also be sure to close the gradient first and the url last. For example: [url=][colour=#785A5A]Mibba![/colour][/url] gives you Mibba!, but in pink.

I think I've covered most of the important bits. Hope to see many more beautiful signatures on the forums!

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