Things You Need to Know About Applying Makeup

This tutorial is for several people. People who have never tried to apply makeup. People who have tried but, sadly, failed. And people who just need a new way to use their makeup.

Beginners: There is one thing you should know before we start. Once you started wearing makeup, it's hard to stop. I have many friends who don't feel good about their natural beauty anymore because they like themselves better with makeup. Also, when using makeup if it is not removed properly you can break out. It's important to start washing your face daily.

Those who can't apply properly: When applying makeup there is something everybody should keep in mind... You can never use too little!

So many girls cake their faces with makeup, when really, in the long run, guys like girl better natural.

Those who want to switch it up: I find it helpful to change up the little things. For example, you could try a different shade of lipstick, or use more/less eyeliner. Other than that, I can't really help you.

These are just some tips for applying makeup. If many people like this I will make another tutorial with more detail.

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