Pin Up Make-Up


  1. Apply everyday foundation routine as skin needs to be flawless.
  2. Make sure eyebrows are defined or have a defined arch and use brow pencil if neccessary.
  3. Use a matt white shadow beneath the brow (on the brow bone) to make the eyes pop.
  4. Use a vanilla/champagne/beige colour over lid and then a darker colour such as dark brown or grey for the crease and then blend with shadow used in brow. (All colours should be blended and no sharp edges visible.)
  5. Use black liquid/gel liner to create a winged cat eye effect, start smaller at the start of the eye getting bigger towards the wing.
  6. Put on plenty of mascara or/and use false lashes.
  7. Apply a rosy coloured blush on the apples of the cheek and add beauty mark below either eye (optional).
  8. Finish off with red liner lining the lips perfectly, fill lips with liner completely following with red lipstick over the top.

Tips, Tricks, Suggestions

  • -If vanilla/beige/champagne eyeshadow is too light for the skin then use a colour 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • Lining the wing of the liner with the end of the eyebrow helps to make the wings look similar on both eyes; the end of the eyebrow serves as a guide.
  • To enhance the cat eye even more, rather than applying a full set of false lashes cut a strip in half and apply to ends of eye lashes.
  • Any shade of red can complete the pin up look; fire engine red, cherry red, ruby red.
  • Apply finish coat of lipgloss or leave lips matter

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