Cookie Monster Nails

Who doesn't love cookies? And who doesn't love cute nails? So why not combine both!

This is a simple and delicious look. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

What You Need:

Nail Polish:

  • Blue - perferably a bright dark blue as it matches the color of the cookie monster.
  • Light brown - for the yummy cookie base coat
  • Dark Brown - for the chocolate chips.
  • Black
  • White
  • Clear/Top Coat.


  • Dotting tool / Bobby Pin
  • Nail Striper/ Thin paint brush
  • Nail stencils/Masking Tape- Optional * I didn't use these but they may be helpful for getting the shape

Step One: The Face

Remove any old nail polish and make sure the nail and the cuticle are clean. Take the dark blue nail polish and make a large circle on your middle finger - it doesn't have to be perfect just aim for rounding the edge at the top of the nail.

Step Two: The Eyes

Once the blue nail polish has dried, take a large dotting tool or the larger side of the booby pin and dip it in the white polish - I find it easiest to put a blob of the polish on a piece of paper so you can easily access it. Place an intial dot on the outside of the oval - the head of the cookie monster - add a few more dots to the intial dot in order to expand it and make the eyes seem more realistic.

Using a smaller dotting tool dip it in the black polish and place a dot in the centre - can really place them anywhere as the Cookie Monster is super scraggely. Just one dot, they should be a medium to small dot so that they are visiable.

Step Three: The Mouth

Take the striping brush and dip in in the black polish, draw a straight line near the bottom of the nail, connect the ends of this line with half of a circle, and fill it in. This will make the mouth, in order to keep the happy face of the cookie Monster aim for a wide semi circle.

Step Four: The Cookies

You can either do a full cookie nail or do a french nail cookie. I choose the latter because I feel it looks super cute! If you are unsure about creating a straight line take a strip of masking tape or a nail stencil and apply it a few centimetres under the end of the nail.

Apply the light brown polish to the area that has been left uncovered, apply one - two coats so that it is visiable but not the focual point of the nails. Place a blob of dark brown polish on the paper from earlier and grab a dooting tool - a small one would be best - and create some chocolate chips. Start by spreading out the dots and the fill in as you go assessing how much you need.


With the chocolate chips you can make big and small ones, I did this and I loved it. I just switched between a big and small dotting tool, I made sure to place the large dots away from each other and kind of covered in the remaining gaps with small dots.

Now you have super cute and nommy nails!

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