How to Fill in Your Brows Like a Pro

Bold brows are something that seems to be all the rage in Hollywood right now, and while a good brow can bring out your eyes and accent the rest of your facial features, it can also be overdone or look fake. Even if you’re not into the bold brow look, being able to fill in your eyebrows is a useful skill to have in case you happen to accidentally over-tweeze.

In this tutorial, I’ll outline how to effectively fill in your eyebrows using only two budget-friendly items: an eyebrow brush and a brow-defining kit.

Step One

This is a given, but start off by brushing your brows and making sure they’re neat and tidy.

Step Two

Next, please let me introduce to you the best eyebrow product I’ve ever come across: e.l.f.’s brow duo! This product is extremely easy to find, there are many stores that carry e.l.f. beauty products, but if there isn’t one near you, it can easily be ordered online through e.l.f.’s website. Mine was only three dollars at Target, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the same price online. I would definitely suggest going a shade lighter than you think you should. I have dark hair, but the medium shade ended up being a good match for me. Applying a very small amount of the gel onto the angled end of the brush, lightly define the lower part of your brow. This really helps to bring out the arch.

Step Three

With the round end of the brush, apply a soft dusting of the powder to the rest of your brow. Trust me, a little bit goes a long way.

Step Four

If you happen to accidentally apply too much, use a towel to lightly wipe any excess product away.

Step Five

Finish off by going over your brows with your eyebrow brush until you’re satisfied with your look. This helps to blend the products and remove any excess powder. Here’s the finished look!

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