Lipstick by Crayola

Ever search for the most perfect shade of lipstick, get home, and were just a little more than slightly disappointed because the shade wasn't exactly right? How about the cost? A good lipstick can cost you anywhere from five dollars upwards to seven. That gets a bit expensive when you like to have several different colors.

This tutorial is a cheap and easy way to make as many shades in that exact color (Tumbleweed, Cotton Candy, Radical Red, and so many, many more!) you've always wanted without putting a damaging dent in your wallet.

What You'll Need
For a .15 oz tube

  • 1/2 a stick of any color Crayon you want to use, broken into pieces
  • A pot, a wide skillet works best.
  • Water
  • A small plastic portion cup (you can get them from Walmart, PartyCity, Target, or any larger retailer that sells paper picnic supplies)
  • 1/2 teapoon jojoba oil
  • Almond size chunk Shea Butter
  • Old Lipstick or Chapstick Tube (A lipbalm container will also work!)
  • A stirring instrument (chopstick works well)

What You'll Need To Do

  1. Place the broken up pieces of crayon in the color you choose into the small portion cup.
  2. Place portion cup into the skillet on the stove and fill with water until the water comes half way up the portion cup.
  3. Turn on burner to medium high (watch this, depending on your stove it could melt the plastic so please be careful!) and stir crayon bits until completely melted.
  4. Once completely melted mix in your jojoba oil and shea butter
  5. Continually stir until completely incorperated.
  6. Once this step is done, ready your tube; either an old lipstick or chapstick (you can buy pre-emptied tubes here and here for cheap)
  7. Carefully pour contents into the tube and keep standing for an hour. Once this has partially cooled place in your refridgerator for 3-8 hours, still in the upright position.

Cost To Make

I priced everything at Walmart, everything can be bought there (with the exception to the empty tube) but you are more than welcome to buy it elsewhere if you can find it cheaper.

  • Jojoba Oil cost $5.39 for a 2oz bottle of pure oil, that makes about 24 lipsticks which prices at $0.22 cents a lipstick
  • Shea Butter costs $7.91 for a 3.5oz tube, that makes 42 lipsticks assuming the almond size chunch is only 1/2 a teaspoon which makes it $0.19 cents a lipstick.
  • The Tube costs $0.75 for a single tube (if you go the route of a lipbalm container it only costs $0.35 a container here)
  • The cups cost $2.28 for a 30 count pack which makes it just under $0.02 a cup

The overall cost of the lipstick is only $1.36!

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