How to Write a Song

This tutorial is going to show you a seem-less way to write a song. Through there are many different ways, this is the way that works best for me and has created a great opportunity in my life.

Music comes from many things, but the best songs come from the heart and they can't without inspiration. The best music flows and inspires, although that is something that is going to take time to achieve. Just like anything it takes practice so whether you are sitting in your room with a guitar or rocking out on an app on you phone then that is what it takes.

Your not going to sit down and spit out a song, it's going to come easy.

  1. The best way to start a song is to find a tune something that inspires your mind to come up with the words.
  2. Start with the chorus even if you think you know where to start. Write that idea down and start on the chorus. Remember the chorus is the main idea of the song. It is your focus
  3. Options are always a good thing so it is best to write multiple parts and pick your favorites.
  4. Remember to just let it flow- a song is your idea and your choice.
  5. Have FUN with it.

Good luck, and remember to just let the music flow and come to you naturally!

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