How to play Epona's Song on the Ocarina

I'm going to show you step by step where to place your fingers on the twelve holed Ocarina, so that you can play "Epona's Song", from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Place your thumbs over both of the bottom holes, and set your left fingers over their corresponding holes, and blow into the mouth piece.

Your fingers should now be like this (the dark holes representing where your fingers are): This is an G note.

Next, place your index finger, and middle finger down at the same time on their holes.

ImageYou should use the same breath for both of the notes, but since you're still learning, go ahead and use a different breath for each note.

Now your fingers should be like so, and this is an F note.

This next step is the most simple step. Just place your ring finger over it's corresponding hole.

Now, you should be to this point:

This is a D note.

Repeat steps 1-3.

Repeat steps 1-3, but lift your ring finger up, and place it back down, to repeat steps 2-3.

In case you forgot, they look like this:


Ring finger up.

Ring finger back down.

Now you can call Epona, just like Link!

*Please note that Epona will not come running when you play this.

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