Writer's Guide to Mibba III: Story Layouts

So, I've been having a bit of trouble with the layouts of stories on here. I'd like to help. Though I haven't seen this as often, I have seen it quite a bit more than I'd like to.

My first issue is busy layouts. If you have to blink more than twice and take a “double-take” you are looking at a busy layout. Now, while it may look good and retro in the Mibba layout making... thing. (You know, it's written in Latin or something) It doesn't when you're a reader looking to indulge in some good writing.

I have a few person preferences that I share with many people on here. (I did my homework by comments and writing contest rules and tips.) Guideline number one, the first step to cleaning up your busy layout is your font.

Now personally, I'd leave the text as is, size wise, because it's a pretty easy to read. You can make it bigger or smaller, of course, but not by much. Too small, your readers will get a brain hemorrhage or even a permanent eye twitch from squinting; and too big is obnoxious. Maybe I'm prejudice, but I always feel like it's meant to fill space that you won't feel with actual writing, I think it's almost pretentious.

The text's font is quite important as well. I'd use every font on trusty ol' Mibba, except fantasy. It isn't legible. It just isn't. You can say it looks pretty and remain in denial, but unless all your readers have 20/20 vision, a majority of them WILL go to default layout. On a side note, when I wasn't Mibba savvy, I didn't know HOW to go to default so I'd just skip the stories. Ugly truth.

Then there is color issue. Even though you have black background, neon colors will not read well. Y'hear? Honestly, lime green isn't too great. Nor is magenta, lemon yellow, or electric blue. White or close-to-white colors are your best bet with black background. Lights against darks, darks against lights. Common sense, guys. Neon is pretty, but difficult. In this instance, pain isn't shouldn't be beauty or visa versa.

Next thing is pictures. Don't write over pictures, guys, please? I mean honestly, it isn't easy. Have you ever tried it? It gives me a headache. Now, textured backgrounds with a nice picture of banner as a header is simple and really nice. It's not too harsh on the eyes. It's good to look at. You can't go wrong.

Some people to look at with good layouts are:

atrocious; , loadedexuses , turdunken, and MusicMadness

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