How to Perform a Waltz Jump

The waltz jump is the simplest advanced jump in figure skating. More advanced than the bunny hop and the ballet jump but not quite an axel or the flip jump. It is also known as the 'three-jump,' and you often see skaters using the waltz jump during their warm ups. The most prominent characteristic of the waltz jump is that the right leg is extended up and forward while in the air, along with the body staying upright. This jump is considered a half-revolution jump because it starts forward but ends backward with only one half turn in between. Below is a step by step instruction on how to perform the waltz jump.


  • Sharpened figure skates
  • A well-sized patch of safe ice


  1. Start doing left backwards crossovers.
  2. Push and glide on your left leg (beginning take off).
  3. Kick your right leg up so your right knee goes up in the air in front of you.
  4. Make the ½ rotation needed for this jump. (If take off is in the correct position, you will basically automatically make the rotation.)
  5. The landing should start on your right toe-pick and should start rolling down to a flat blade on your right foot back outside edge.
  6. When landing, keep right foot straight.
  7. Lift up left leg and outstretch arms to the side to finish the move.
  8. If you need a visual, consult the image below.

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