Gram Flour Face Mask

This is another tutorial on skin whitening, read carefully for warnings and important information.


  1. Gram flour
  2. Green gram flour (not essential)
  3. Lemon juice (can be substituted for lime)
  4. Tumeric
  5. Milk
  6. A container (bowl, cup etc.)


Step One:

Mix the green gram powder and gram powder together in even amounts, or put the gram powder into the bowl if you do not have green gram powder. Pour out as much as you think you will need, half a cup when mixed should be more than enough, in fact I recommend less unless you intend to use this on other parts of your body. Green gram powder is recommended if you wish to smooth the skin, it being an exfoliator, and helps towards the overall paling of the skin. Gram powder helps in the treatment of ache.

Step Two:

Add half a tea spoon of tumeric, or an amount proportional to one eighth of your mixture. Turmeric evens out skin tone and has beneficial properties for the skin. More on its effects in this article: Turmeric and Its Uses.

Step Three:

Drop around four drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Do not surpass fifteen drops per half cup of gram flour. Lemon juice evens skin tone, softens skin and exfoliates. The same properties go for Lime Juice. You can skip lemon (or lime) juice all together.

Step Four:

Add milk until the mixture reaches a paste like state. Amounts depend on the kind of milk, so add a teaspoon then mix until you get it right. Be aware that milk doesn't react well with everyone’s skin and can, in fact, cause more breakouts. If you are lactose intolerant, use honey instead of milk. The same advice is given to anyone who knows dairy products upset their skin.

Step Five:

Apply to face. If you surpass two minutes significantly (this being three minutes plus) when applying, begin to take time off the fifteen minutes you should be leaving it on for. Adverse effects shouldn't occur, but can if you surpass the fifteen minutes regularly.


Apply daily. Once paleness (or evenness) is achieve, use only twice a week. Dailey use for over two weeks can be harmful for your skin so be responsible. My tutorial for another facemask is here; Face Masks For Pale Skin and it is an alternative way of skin paling that should not be used alongside this one. Test them both out and see which one you prefer.

This face mask can actually be used anywhere on the body and will reduce the appearance of shadows under the eyes or dark areas on upper thighs, armpits etc. Wear old clothing and keep to a bathroom when mixing and applying. Tumeric will stain clothing, carpets, and most other things.

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