How to Stop a Nose Bleed

I don't know about you, but whenever I get a nose bleed it is at the most inconvenient of times and I usually have to run off to the bathroom for twenty minutes while I try all sorts of things to make it stop. There are many different methods you can use for stopping a nose bleed. After reading this, hopefully you will find a method that works best for you. And if not, then you will have a little file in the back of your head that you can access whenever you'd like.

Method 1:

Don't pick your nose. Don't push the sides of your nose together one at a time to sort of stop an itch. Don't snort/sniff drugs too often.

Method 2:

If you do get a nose bleed, make sure that there is a great supply of tissues/toilet paper/ or any other sort of paper product you can use. If there is little to no bleeding, you obviously won't need that much. Just sort of take a tissue and dab it around in your nose, try and find the spot it's coming from and then hold it there for a few seconds to stop the bleeding.

Method 3:

Pinch the bridge of your nose, right up top, between your eyes.

Method 4:

If Method 3 doesn't work, take a wet wash cloth or ice pack and put it on the bridge of your nose. With the wash cloth, if you would like, go ahead and pinch the bridge of your nose. With the ice pack, depending on what type it is, go ahead and try and pinch the bridge of your nose as well. The cold from the ice pack or wash cloth, added with the pinching of the bridge of your nose, should stop the bleeding in a short amount of time.

Method 5:

Lay down on the ground. This will cause all the blood to just travel down your throat. I know this sounds weird, but it's better than it getting all over your desk or bathroom sink, right? Blood in the stomach/throat is dangerous though. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea. You have been warned. So, make sure you drink water right afterwards to wash it out!

Hopefully this has been helpful to you. I usually use a mixture of the five methods. I hope that you have found a method, and that your nose bleeds decrease in intensity and number.

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