7 Ways to Pass Time During a Power Outage

When you have a power outage in your home, it can sometimes be a slow and very impatient process. We are all so used to having electricity be a major part in all our lives that we just can’t think of living without it. Recently, I was in Philadelphia visiting my parents when Hurricane Sandy hit. We lost our power for a good 48 hours, and needless to say, those 48 hours went by ridiculously slow. I’ve only ever experienced a handful of power outages and the ones that I have, they were quite short in comparison. Everyone was very impatient and inevitably extremely bored and that is why I’ve come up with this article filled with good ideas to help pass the time when experiencing a power outage.

Have games on hand

Keep board games in the house. Next time you’re at your local Walmart or any other home goods store, pick up some games. They are a lifesaver when experiencing a power outage. Fortunately, my mom had a stash of board games in her attic and we spent a good three hours or so playing Monopoly. Some of my favorites are Jenga, Chess, and any game with a deck of cards like Go Fish.

Keep a battery-powered radio

When you have no electricity, you can sometimes feel a little secluded from the outside world. Especially if you find that none of your phones have signal or your phone ran out of battery life. To not feel so excluded from the world, always keep a battery-powered radio. During a natural disaster, you can find out important information in your local area like whether or not you must evacuate. Or you can find a music station and listen to your favorite jams. Either way, a battery-powered radio is a definite must both for safety and entertainment.

Telling scary stories

My brother used to do this to me when I was a little kid. During the night, when all we had were lighting from a small lantern or some candles, nothing is more menacing that a good ghost story. My favorite ghost stories were Bloody Mary, Axe Murder Hollow and Black Aggie. For more creepy ghost stories and legends, you can go to American Folklore – Scary Ghost Stories. There you will find many menacing tales which you can read for free and legally.

Reading and Sleeping

During Hurricane Sandy, I caught up on a lot of reading. As you get engrossed in a great book, you will not even notice the hours flying by and that is why it is one of my favorite ways to pass time in any situation. Another one of my all-time favorites is sleeping. Maybe it was the jetlag but as soon as I got to Philadelphia, I could not wait to fall asleep. And with the power not being on, why stay awake! Grab a couple of blankets and sleep while the hours go by. Maybe if you’re lucky enough, by the time you wake up, your power will come back on.

Cleaning around the house

Now I realize that this might not be the most interesting one in the entire world, but it really does keep your mind off the power outage. Doing light tasks like this really help pass the time and you get a good looking house out of it as well. Bet your mom will be happy by this one, as well.

Going out

Going out to stores or the mall is a good idea if you’re starting to get sick of being in the house too often. If you know that a local mall has power or is open, spend time there. Maybe do some shopping or do some quick errands. Also, during a power outage, many people will lose the ability to heat their homes making it extremely cold and uncomfortable to be in. If you do find yourself in this situation, try to find a place that is warmer. Some local officials may even recommend you leave your home during the day if it is safe to do so to find more comfortable and safe conditions.

Find a friend

During the last power outage, there was a day when I was the only person in the house and it was extremely lonely and boring. One way to get rid of this lonesome state is to find a friend or neighbor who is in the same situation as you. That way, you can keep each other entertained while the power is out and you will be a lot less lonely with a friend.

So there you have it: seven ways to help pass the time during a power outage. If you have recently experienced a power outage or know some more good tips, please share them in the comments as I am always looking for new ideas for next time.

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