Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin is absolutely necessary in order to take care of your skin. Everyones skin differs, but there are 5 main types of skin: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Being able to distinguish which is your skin type can help you in your goal to obtaining healthy skin.

So which are you?


Normal skin is the least problematic skin. People with normal skin often describe their skin as feeling fresh, smooth and supple. Normal skin has the ideal balance of oils and always seems to look healthy and clean.


Dy skin will feel flaky, tight and is prone to irritation during the cold months. If you've got dry skin you may have noticed flaking or patchy areas on your nose, chines, cheeks and forehead. Combating dry skin includes using an exfoliator (to scrub the flakes away), and a moisturizer (to put some oil and balance into your skin).


Oily skin will leave a residue on paper and blotting towels. This skin type can be extremely problematic, as it often leaves your face looking shiny and greasy. Oily skin can be more prone to acne/breakouts, it can look coarse and can have enlarged pores. The good thing about oily skin? Unlike dry skin, oily skin isn't very prone to dramatic ageing and wrinkles.

Avoid moisturisers with high oil content in favour of oil control, and shine control products. If you're having trouble keeping make up on oily skin, try using a suitable primer.


Combination skin is one of the most common skin types, and is often characterized by an oily t-zone. The t-zone is an imaginary line on our face that includes our forehead, nose and chin. As well as oily patches, combination skin will also have dry or normal patches, usually around the cheeks.

Buying suitable product for oily skin is important, as a high oil content moisturiser will aggravate the oily patches, and low oil content moisturisers will not hydrate the dry areas. Buying product marked combination will suit this skin type.


Sensitive skin can feel tight and is easily inflamed and irritated. This skin type can have red, scaly areas, and is prone to spots. This is a tricky skin type that needs fragile care routines, with the right products. The care range Simple is a popular brand for those with sensitive skin.

Now that you've got a better idea of what skin type you've got, you can begin your suited cleansing routines. Don't forget to leave the names of products you found work great for your skin type!

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