Infused Oils


  • Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
  • Herbs or Spices/Flowers of your choice
  • Clean Mason Jars
  • Tinted glass storing jars
  • Funnel
  • Spoon
  • Hot plate/ Double boiler/ or Skillet/pan
  • Sunny windowsill


First things first you want to make sure everything you're using is clean and sterile, you can do that my running them under hot water then making sure they're completely dry. OR else this won't work.

In infused oils you can use a wide range of flowers and spices. I even have several bottles of rose infused oil. It's extremely potent so when you're using it, make sure to use a little or exactly how much is called for.

  • You want to get your fresh herbs, and wash them thoroughly so they're not dirty. Then you want to bruise or rub your herbs. If you're deciding to use spices put them on some foil and toast them in the oven to bring out their maximum flavor.
  • Place into a clean glass jar, make sure it's completely dry before doing so.
  • Add oil until the spices and/or herbs are completely covered.
  • Put the lid onto the jar and close it.
  • Once you've done the above, place the jar in a sunny windowsill, or somewhere sunny where it won't be disturbed. Once a day, swirl or shake the jar to mix the oils. It's extremely important that no moisture is in the oils as it can make it rancid or moldy.
  • Once your oil has been sitting in a sunny spot for about a week, strain the oil with the strainer. If you don't feel that the oil is strong enough, add fresh herbs and spices to the oil and repeat the process as much as you feel is needed.
If you want to do this quicker, you can use the heating plate. Heat will cause dry herbs and spices to release their flavors faster than allowing them to sit in the window.
I can't voice this enough, make sure you label and date your oils so you know when you should throw them out. Most oils have a shelf life of about two years, but depending on how well sealed yours is it could vary.

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