How to Prevent Crying in Public

At some point in everyone's life, the urge to cry in public has been experienced. You may have felt it in front of your friends or your coworkers, or even your kids, and all I know is that:

  1. No one wants to break down in tears in front of people they have to face everyday.
  2. It's impossible to look dignified while crying.

So here are a few tips to fight the crying impulse.

Method 1:

Think happy thoughts. This tip won't help you fly off to Never land but it will prevent you from losing it, in front of people. If you feel the sudden heat swirling in your throat and rushing to your face, STOP. And think about how someone you dislike embarrassed themselves. Although it's not necessarily a good thing to take joy in others pain, it should hold you over until you can apologize in private. Or not. Which ever floats your boat.

Just think about anything other than what's causing you pain. Think about puppies, your favorite fandom, a celebrity that you adore! Even start thinking about food. Thinking about food long enough can make you hungry and I've found that hunger often distracts you from other things.

Method 2:

Pick the aggravator apart. Not literally. We don't need any more crazy people in this world. But in your mind, analyze whoever or whatever is making you cry. It may seem odd and it may seem counter productive but, criticize them.

Look at their clothes, their hair, their stance, anything will do. If the person making you cry is your significant other or ex significant other, do not relent. Think about how stupid they are for making you cry/ breaking up with you etc. You are a wonderful person, and they have just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

The same goes for being fired or reprimanded by a boss. Pick. Them. Apart. If you aren't getting fired however, remain respectful and insult them in private later.

Method 3:

Write a story. Writing has always been good for expressing and releasing your feelings. The character, the setting, the plot, just take it out on those factors.

If you don't have anything to write on near by, write it out in your head. This will also help with distraction. Odds are if you are thinking up a storm while someone is talking to you, you won't hear anything they're saying. Therefor if you can't hear, you can't cry, because you are not aware of what is being said.

*This method is not to be used when being reprimanded or fired by a boss or reprimanded by a teacher.

Method 4:

Physical distractions. Widening your eyes, will prevent the tears from falling. Do not blink. Blinking caused tears to fall. If you are a Doctor Who fan, just pretend the person making you cry is a weeping angel. And if you start blinking, they will send you to 1920.

Loosen your jaw. That may seem odd, but by loosening your jaw you are easing the pain on your throat.

Pinch or bite yourself. And by bite yourself I mean your lip or your tongue, not somewhere noticeable. Small pains, will distract you from crying. Your body will re-direct the your emotional pain to a smaller more manageable pain in your body. Don't overdo it though, no need to seriously harm yourself.

Method 5:

Keep a calm and carry on. Adopt a calm, nonchalant look. If you look too happy, some people might get creeped out or think you're laughing at them.

Don't look at anyone face, instead focus on something beside them or a part of their body that does not involve the T-Zone (eyes, nose, mouth).

So if you ever feel the urge to cry, look back on these methods and use them. But let me warn you! Don't keep it all in! Bottling up your emotions can result in high levels of stress, which can then result in physical injuries! So when you get to a private place, cry or write it out. Or go to the gym and work it off.

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