Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Other Half

I decided to make this article because I think it's vital for everyone to know that they deserve a healthy enjoyable relationship with their other half. Especially if you feel like you've lost your spark and or fight all the time. I've been seeing my other half for 23 months now and it's only in the past two months that we've finally resolved our issues and are truly happy with where we are.

I have five tips to help you regain your spark and overcome your differences within your relationship.

Trust is a Must!

If you don't trust your other half then I suggest you either sit down and have a serious talk with your other half or move on from them because trust is essential in any kind of relationship.

Having trust means that you're able to let them do their own thing and you don't have to check on them every five minutes or act clingy just because you're scared of losing them or cheating on you because if they love you then they would be faithful anyway.

Having trust is also healthy because it means you don't have to be insecure and feel scared all the time. Having trust means you worry less about your other half and it leaves you to be able to focus on more important things in your life like your hobbies or your friends.

Give Your Other Half Space

It's all well and good to love your other half so much that you want to be together forever side by side and do everything together but be realistic, you both need space to be with your own friends and have a breather from each other. Too much time together can mean that soon enough you'll begin getting annoyed at each other and end up going for each other's throats.

Not to mention neglecting your friends isn't cool, trust me I've done it before but at the end of the day your friends are the one that will be there for you no matter what happens so neglecting them isn't cool. Take time out from your other half to stay in touch with others.

Listen to Your Other Half

Hear what they're saying, don't try to argue your point just listen, hear them out and take in what they have to say and you'll be surprised and what you learn. Once they've finished talking absorb what they're saying, even if it's just how their day went it would make them feel appreciated and loved.

By listening to your other half you're showing that you care enough to take time out to hear what they have to say. If you aren't interested in what they have to say then maybe you should be evaluating how serious you are with them because everyone deserves to be heard especially by someone who's meant to care the most for them.

Always be Loyal

It's never okay to back stab your other half, no matter how justified you think you are. If you have an issue with something they said or did you should love and respect them enough to tell them to their face not behind your back to your mates.

More so it's never okay to cheat; if you're tempted to cheat or start having feelings for another person then your other half deserves to know especially if you want to be with that other person. Just because you can't make up you're mind about who you want doesn't mean you should muck your other half around and hurt them.

If you end up cheating and you know it's a mistake then they still need to know the truth, even if there's a possibility that they may end it with you they still deserve to know.

Be Spontaneous!

Live a little! Do something different and unique, don't just get comfortable with a set routine with your other half, do something random and fun. Do an activity that you general don't do, have an adventure.

Giving your other half a nice surprising can make all the difference and making them feel special is well worth it in the end because at the end of the day a healthy relationship means your both happy and enjoying each other all the more so try these tips because there's no harm in trying.

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