Saving Money During the Holidays

The most addicting thing during the holidays is to buy, buy, buy. To spend a ton of money that you promised yourself that you would save, or even spend more than you were planning to. But many stores have sales, decreasing the price on things you cannot live without or that thing my friend would totally love. And after the holidays, you are left feeling upset about the loss of money that could have been used for more important things.

Instead of wanting to buy everyone expensive gifts that will add up over time, there are other ways to give gifts to those you love without diminishing the savings that you have.

Bake Some Sweets

Baking or even cooking is a wonderful way to improving your overall cooking skills, and to show your friends and family that you love them. You can never go wrong with baked goods, just be sure that you are aware of any allergies. The thing about baking is that it does not have to be completely homemade! A good way to save money is to just buy the dough, or the powder if you are making cookies (which requires you to add some ingredients), and bake them that way. The dessert, while not homemade, will be delicious and enjoyed by those who you give them to.

You can find loads of fun recipes on pinterest or you can even search some cookbooks that have been collected by you or a family member over the years.

Make your own gifts

Homemade gifts are hotter than ever. Who doesn't like to receive a cute little homemade gift from someone? You can make a cute card for a family member, or even just a small gift. It's the thought that counts, right? Making gifts is a wonderful idea if you want to give friends something, but don't really know exactly what they want.
Many ideas can be found on all sorts of websites, like pinterest, or even buzzfeed. If you just look around for some ideas, you can make it with inexpensive materials that will be sure to save you some money.
There are a few ways to give gifts to the ones you love without spending a whole bunch of money doing so. The fun thing about these is that they don't have to be used just for the holidays, but for other special events, such a birthdays, as well!

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