How to Survive With a Broken Knee

It's winter and your clumsy self just fell in the stairs. Result: you broke a part of your leg. Whether it's your ankle, your knee or any other part you ignored the name of until now, you're probably wondering how you are going to spend the next three months of your life, three months where you won't be allowed to walk and where every little activity will become a struggle. You're asking yourself how you are going to survive without taking an actual shower for three months. You'll have to stick to washing yourself with a towel with the water from your sink. Don't worry, it could be worse. You could have two broken legs.

I fractured my knee on January 4th and it scared me a lot. I asked myself how was I going to spend the next three months of my life? How was I going to go through them without dying of boredom? A month later, I found some useful tricks. Having a broken leg isn't so bad after all.

Invite Your Friends Over

For a Cards Against Humanity night! If you're 18+, you should follow this advice. Not only is it important to have your friends around you during this hard period of your life, but it is also important that you have a good laugh. Cards Against Humanity will give you this opportunity. Just forget about all of your problems for a few hours, do jokes that you would never do in public, and, most of all, focus on winning!

Netflix is Now Your New Best Friend

You always wanted to watch the entire 10 seasons of Supernatural but always said that you didn't have time? No more excuses because time is all you have. Having a broken leg gives is a perfect reason to watch as many tv shows as possible. Your friends keep talking about The Walking Dead but you have no clue what they're talking about? They'll be impressed with all your knowledge in three months.

Online Shopping

If you're like me, you are going to miss going to the mall and buying all those cute outfits. The solution is simple: online shopping. With your broken leg, you'll have every right to sit in your living room and go through all the online catalogues of your favorite shops. Just remember to have your credit card near by.

Reading and Writing

Now's the time to read good book or great stories online. You've been thinking of reading the 7 Harry Potter all over again? Do it. Reading calms you down and brings to whole new places, places where you feel free and in solace. Having a broken leg is also a great opportunity to express your creativity. Write all those fanfictions you've been thinking about, write everything that goes through your mind. Now's the time to be an active Mibbian!

With this advice, you'll be able to survive the next three months of your life. Soon, you'll be able to walk again and go back to everything you used to do. Who knows, maybe you'll miss the broken leg lifestyle.

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