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Well, kids, here you are. You’ve made it through the blissful and carefree years of preschool and grade school. Welcome to high school, what is and will always be a dark and sinister jungle. In it lurks savage monsters that could swallow you whole; homework, expectations, competition and drama. Do you think you could make it out alive?
So, to avoid any fatalities, here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Friendship is important – Toy Story

Remember the first time Woody and Buzz Lightyear met in Toy Story on Andy’s birthday? Obviously, they were not off to a very good start. However, they set their differences aside and the two have stuck together through thick and thin.

In high school and in life in general, you cannot stand alone. You need friends to tell your deepest and most embarrassing secrets to, to laugh and cry with and to save your life if ever you are in a life or death situation. Find them, because in the next four years, whatever happens, let it be happy or sad, they will not judge you, they will look out for you, they will listen to you and they will stay with you no matter how messed up everything seems to be. (If they do not, well, then they are not your friends.)

Trust your teacher- The Karate Kid

From the previous Karate Kid films to the newest installment released this year, they all had one thing in common; the master mentoring his student. Not only does he teach kung fu, but he teaches life lessons, too.

The moment you step out of your house, you are temporarily out of your parent’s supervision. But that does not mean you are completely free, because your teachers are there to watch over you in school. They will be your second parents, who, if you let them, will guide and advise you with problems involving family, friends, etc., leading you to the right path into your future. Listen to them, and come the day you finally step out of this school, surely, you will miss them.

Stay true to yourself- Mean Girls

Who could forget when Cady befriended the most popular girls in school: insecure Gretchen, clueless Karen, and queen bee Regina? To fit in and be cool, Cady found herself becoming manipulative, deceitful and scheming. Worst of all, she lost sight of who her real friends were.

Fitting in is worth nothing when you have friends who do not know who you really are. You do not have to have the latest gadgets or clothes to be accepted, you just have to be yourself. Be nice and do not treat anyone the wrong way, and maybe you will get by with even more friends than expected. Additionally, do not succumb to anything that you normally would not do just because everyone else is doing it.

There is no secret ingredient- Kung Fu Panda

Remember when clumsy Po was prophesized to be the ultimate savior, “the dragon warrior”? In the end, he was able to learn via “the dragon scroll” that there is no secret ingredient to greatness but just he himself, fulfilling his destiny and saving his people in the process.

A wise friend once told me that no matter how incapable you think you are, all you need to do is to trust yourself and you will get the job done. The same goes for you. Succeeding in high school is no tea party, but if you set your mind to a certain goal, nothing will stop you from reaching it. Believing in yourself is the key.

Don’t be in a hurry- Click

Four years may seem like a long time, huh? Don’t you wish you had a remote control that can not only fast-forward you out of high school, but pause and rewind your life? Well, you aren’t alone. But let me tell you something, even Michael Newman in the movie did not enjoy it in the end. Life should never be rushed nor slowed down. Don’t look back nor look too much into the future. The point is, coming from a few friends whose stay in Seton has already expired, don’t rush too much into anything. Enjoy the ride and enjoy being a kid because one day, it’ll all be over. Have fun, and don’t take anything too seriously.

 Your family will love you more than anyone- Finding Nemo

Do you want to know what love feels like? Picture this: A father embarking on a dangerous and epic journey in search for his son. That’s love.If ever lost, no one, without hesitation, would search the whole world for you as much as your mom and dad. They brought you into this world and without them, you would even be alive. In this chapter of your life, you will change, experiment and try different things. More than once you and your parents may not see eye to eye, but never forget that they only want what’s best for you. And even if you think they may not always know best, they are still your parents. Their love for you will never compare to anyone else’s.

Remember that the person you are at this very moment is never going to be the same when you graduate from this school. In this journey you have just begun, you will encounter countless obstacles and trials that will morph you into the person you are destined to become. You will make mistakes and learn lessons the hard way. You will cross paths with people you never thought you would and maybe, just maybe, you might even meet that one person who would make your day a little more bearable. Nevertheless, hold your head up and hang on kids; it’s a long ride ahead.

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