High School: Is It Really THAT Bad?

I remember back in elementary and junior high school being told about how bad high school would be when I got to that age. But, now that I am in high school, I realize that it's not that bad if you do it the right way. So, just follow these tips I used to help you through high school.

1. Take classes that will challenge you. But, also take a class or two that you will enjoy to give you a break during the day. If you slack off now, it may hurt you later.

2. Surround yourself with good friends. It's okay to not have as many "friends" as the "popular" kids, just as long as they are trustworthy. Chances are that the "popular" kid has a lot of drama in their life with most of their "friends" and you should stay away from that.

3. Join extracurricular activities, like sports or drama club.They keep you busy and will motivate you to make good grades. They can help you meet new people, plus you get to have fun. Also, they look good on college and job resumes.

4. Use your time wisely. This means, do not procrastinate and leave things to the last minute. The "tons" of homework people say you'll be getting will be much  easier to handle if you don't wait until 9 pm to do it. Honestly, you don't have that much homework, just more than you did in K-8, most likely.

5. Finally, just have fun! Now, I do not mean alcohol, drugs, and partying every night. Honestly, all of that isn't cool at all. A party with your good friends is perfectly fine, but a huge house party with illegal substances is not a good idea. It will just get you in trouble eventually. To make school days easier, don't be afraid to have a good time with your friends. Who cares what anybody else thinks? As long as your having fun, nothing else matters.

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