How to Start Your School Year Off Right!

Nervous about starting a new school year? Don't think you're the only one. It's normal to be stressed! Especially if you are starting in a new school, or starting your freshman or senior year of high school. But don't worry. Here's a guide to prepare you for our first day.

1. Pick a great outfit for your first day! A great outfit gives you confidence, and lets you show off your signature and unqiue personality. Let yourself shine! Confidence is the key to making new friends.

2. Have everything you need for the first day set up and ready to go the night before, so you won't find yourself running around getting even more stressed the morning of your first day. Do this earlier, around 6 or 7 o'clock so you have time to get some good rest.

3. Go to bed early! Resist the urge to text your friends about school the next morning, and go to sleep. A good sleep makes you more awake during the school day, which means your focused more, and are much more fun to hang with during the day!

4. Eat breakfast! No matter what you do, don't walk out that front door without eating something! Even grab a granola bar and run out the door! Trust me, you'll need the energy!

5. Be yourself! Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Everyone loves an honest person! Stay unique! Be yourself!

These are five simple and easy things you can do to have an amazing first day! Goodluck and thanks for reading!

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