Five Tips For Better Studying

Studying for an exam can be challenging, but these tips can help.

Study Often

I probably don't follow this as much as I should, but it has been proven that you will do better on a test if you don't have to process large blocks of information right before it. If you study often, and for a little while each time, you will learn the material more easily. This also helps because your brain will have the time to process more information, because you've slept on it and studied some more.

Find Your Study Calling

Where do you study better? When do you study better? What kind of study techniques are better for you? Definitely play around with different things at the beginning of the year. But, try to find your study niche for a class at least by the first test.

Individualize Your Study Habits for Each Class

Not every class deserves the same amount of study attention. If you understand most of the material in one class, don't study for it over a class where you understand very little. As human beings we want to feel good about ourselves, so we tend to gravitate toward stuff we are actually good at. In reality, though, if you work at things you aren't good at, you become better, and then you become great at more things. At the same time, don't let an easy A become an easy F because you didn't review for your easy classes like you should.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail, but Try Your Hardest

Professors usually try to give you the most assignments possible to benefit you. Giving you essays, tests, and assignments can help cushion your grade. If you fail a few assignments, don't give up, especially if you tried. Talk with your professor, and come up with a new strategy together. They will be able to answer the questions you need to know the answers to. Look through your essays, tests, or assignments with them to see where you went wrong, and how you can avoid making the same mistake twice.

Have Material Ready to Study When You Study

There is nothing more off-putting than having to stop and start while you are studying because you need to find all your study materials. Before you study, have a mental plan. What do you hope to accomplish during this study session? Mentally go through all the materials that you need to make that goal a reality, then gather all those materials, and sort them in an orderly fashion on your desk. So you don't lose sight of what you need to do with those materials, make a to-do list and check things off as you go along.

With these tips, you may find that your studying is easier and more effective.

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