Cheap, Free Way to Make Story Trailers.

Most Windows computers come with a built in program called 'Windows Movie Maker.' It's a video maker and if you play with it a bit, it's pretty easy to use. You can upload pictures, video, and audio. It has transitions and you can add text. You can also do a few effects. (I make my videos with it.)

Getting pictures is relatively easy, it's getting videos that's tricky.

However, for those of you who aren't sure where to get pictures, there are a variety of sites. Photobucket is a favorite, along with Yahoo images or Google images. We Heart It is a good site for a lot of pictures, generally free of watermarks and with rather good quality, though size can be an issue. They also have a lot of .gifs, which are short moving pictures. DeviantArt is a good site for artsy photographs or fan art that might be interesting to incorporate. I think people use Pinterest and Flickr a lot, but I can't personally vouch for either of those sites myself.

Onto videos. I really know of no way to do it without software. You can download YouTube videos to your computer from any website, just do a Google search for 'download YouTube videos online' and you'll get a thousand converters. However, they download in a form that WMV can't process, so you have to convert them.
You can go onto a search engine and find a .flv converter software that will convert the videos into a format that WMV can process, which are .mpeg/.avi.
So you download the software and install it, then download the YouTube videos, convert them, then upload them to Windows Movie Maker.
You'll need to play with it to find your groove, but those are the things that I pieced together to find what I need to make a decent video. Others are better at it than me and there's better software, but this is the cheap, free way.
Happy trail[er]s!

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