Do Not Disturb

Smartphones are considered the way of the future. Everything you could possibly imagine your Smartphone can help with. Your entire life consumed by the palm of your hand. When the world realizes you have a Smartphone they don’t just ask for your number. They want your username to your Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blah blah blah… the list is truly endless. Despite the end to all privacy as we know it, Smartphones have some pretty handy dandy things that can either make life a little more livable, or can change a bad situation to a good one.

The Smartphone may actually be the most convenient thing since Batman’s utility belt. The App store has apps for cooking, writing, music, beards, photography, parking, Shakespearean poetry, lists, movies, and even apps for apps. Forgot to set a dinner reservation? Tell Siri and she’ll find you the restaurant and give you the phone number. Need directions to that Fourth of July barbeque? Maps can set up a route within seconds. Pandora now has an alarm for those hard early mornings, so now wake up to your personalized music station everyday. The Smartphone is designed for convenience, simplicity, and pure enjoyment.

Gone are the days of frustrating, awkward situations. No more making trips home to pick up forgotten papers. The icloud comes ready for battle. Connect all your devices (Apple products and Window PC) on the icloud to save time and for frustration free situations. The icloud saves all your photos, songs, documents, movies, and even your apps to all your devices. When you buy a song on your Smartphone, it downloads automatically on your computer. No more downloading and redownloading a TV show. It’s there when you want it. Leave off on an important assignment? No worries, it’s still there waiting for you on your tablet, Smartphone and computer! Taking pictures on trips becomes less of a hassle. They’ll be waiting at home for editing on your computer, or they can be sent to friends and family instantly with Instagram.

Still want to retain some freedom from the overwhelming amount of social networking? Set up the “Do Not Disturb” setting for the hours you don’t want to be bothered everyday. You could even set the “Do Not Disturb” setting for the entire day and only receive calls from important family and friends. When someone annoying calls send them a respond text telling them that you’re busy and call them later. It’s as simple as the ABCs.

When someone gives into buying a Smartphone they’re selling their soul to the technology devil. Forget everything you know about time and privacy and throw it out the window. However, if a person is taught how to use all that a Smartphone has to offer, you may just avoid the pit of social networking and media. It’s a more convenient way to change the little things in life, a more effective way for work and play, and more than anything else “do not disturb.”

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