Hair, Here, Hear, Hare and Heir

There are a lot of words in the title and they all sound the same or very similar, and their spelling is also very close. As always, it’s super important to know the difference when you’re writing, as muddling these ones up can really give someone the wrong idea.


It’s on your head. It’s that simple.

I love that you are wearing your hair in a bun.

The girl brushed her hair before going to school.


This is used to refer to something as the present, or a certain location.

Please put your brush down here.

Here is where we live.


Hear is a verb, and is what your ears are doing right now. They are listening, or hearing.

He could not hear you asking him to tidy his room.

I can hear the doorbell.


This noun is describing a large and fast rabbit-like mammal.

He went hunting and shot a hare.

Did you see how quickly that hare ran away?


Though it has a silent ‘h’ and is pronounced differently, it still has common spelling and can be confused for another word. This noun means someone who will inherit something after someone has died.

She is the heir to her grandfather’s fortune.

The prince is the heir to the throne.

If you’re still a bit confused, try doing a Google search for more information and definitions, and even some tips on how to pronounce these words. As you have noticed by reading this, these words are not interchangeable, and using the wrong one can be quite disastrous! If you have any other points you’d like me to write a tutorial on, then leave a comment.

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